Over 50% of Cloud & SaaS migrations are not fully delivered

Alnyo offers a smart way to track and forecast cloud migrations across vendors, partners and end-customers.

For End-Customers &
Service Providers

- Migration plans (AI-generated, config-like based, no-code, and open-source)
- Foundational milestones checklist straight from technology providers source of truth.
- Communication channels across teams for technical issues and escalations.

For Tech Providers &
Implementation Partners

- Statement of Work & Service Orders management, pricing & approval flow.
- Analytics of backlogs, revenue impact, and projects progression.
- CRM & API integration for sales forecasting and delivery tracking.

Mitigate Unrealized Revenue ($)

Reduce time to revenue and backlog in cloud migration projects and services.

Increase Accountability & Visibility

Improve communication and trackability across all parties involved.


Improve delivery rate and cost efficiency across migration implementations.

One single protocol for migration tracking across stakeholders

A shared model to unlock time to production and collaboration

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